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PC HomeRun Optimizer

Use PC HomeRun Optimizer to hyper speed your Windows® installation and better your PC performance. PC HomeRun Optimizer speeds up your PC's Windows performance. PC HomeRun Optimizer fixes errors, wipes unused files, and reorders your Windows® registry to an optimal performance point. PC HomeRun Optimizer's initial scan and reports are free of charge!

Scan, Allocate & Fix Your Computer’s Registry Errors

PC HomeRun Optimizer Advanced Error Detection Technology detects and removes or repairs the operating system's registry files errors as well as fixes system wrong configuration and more. PC HomeRun Optimizer will first scan and list those errors and will let you choose if to run the repair process.

Boost Your Computer's Speed

PC HomeRun Optimizer optimizes your operating system's registry configuration, removes the corrupted files, thus speeding up your operating system’s speed and response time.

Improve Your Computer's Performance

PC HomeRun Optimizer will not only make your PC faster, but will also make it more efficient. Processes will run better and with much less crash incidents and system errors. PC HomeRun Optimizer deletes unneeded/obsolete registry entries including stray files, invalid shortcuts, orphaned startup tasks, unlinked dll files, junk files, and more.

Prevent Crashes & Freezes

PC HomeRun Optimizer fixes corrupt registry entries, operating system hidden errors, corrupt system files, missing dlls errors and more. With PC HomeRun Optimizer, you no longer have to suffer random computer crashes and freezes that cause data loss and cost you hours of work.

Customize the scan to match your needs

For the advanced users, there is an option to modify the scan and fix processes to exclude specific files. With PC HomeRun Optimizer you can easily customize the registry scan to include or exclude those files from all future scans.

Start scanning your computer for better performance

Installation Instructions

1 Click on the installation file after the download has finished.

2 Click on "Run" to confirm the installation process.

3 Read the user license agreement and terms and once done, click "Next" to proceed.

4 The installation process will run and prompt you when the process is finished.

5 That's it! PC HomeRun Optimizer is installed and ready to scan your pc!

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